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 Multifamily Asset Management Update

Dear Multifamily Owners and Program Operators, 

As a reminder, action plan updates for all currently operating FSS programs must be submitted to Account Executives by September 30th. FSS programs may not enroll any new participants until updated action plans are approved.

In order to support the approval of action plans by HUD staff, we are offering owners with FSS programs at multiple sites the opportunity for a coordinated review of their revised (or any new) action plans. Any such owner may request a coordinated review of their action plans by sending a list of their sites to Please include contract numbers, addresses, and the name of the HUD Account Executive associated with each site. If the plans have already been submitted, please include the date of submission. HUD HQ staff will then coordinate with the respective Account Executives to streamline the review process. 

As a reminder, all action plans must be submitted with the updated action plan checklist, which can be found on the PIH FSS website. This website also contains a range of trainings and resources for owners and staff, including a link to sign up for the FSS mailing list, where all general updates on the program (including funding opportunities) are communicated. Note that like other regular servicing items, action plans should be submitted via regional/hub incoming boxes. 


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