New Civil Rights Guidance on Marketing and Application Requirements for Subsidized Multifamily Properties

HUD issued Civil Rights guidance on April 21, 2022, in relation to marketing and application requirements for MF properties, including more than 1.5 million HUD-subsidized multifamily units nationwide, in project-based rental assistance, section 202, and Section 811 subsidized units.  The guidance is designed to assist property owners in understanding and implementing more inclusive practices less likely to produce discriminatory results and for more inclusionary practices to employ to ensure meaningful opportunities for persons of all racial and national origin groups to learn about and participate in HUD-subsidized housing programs.  There is clarification pertaining to how certain marketing, rental application processing, and waitlist management practices can perpetuate segregation or discriminate in violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.  

“Today’s publication provides practical guidance to help property owners and managers to reach all members of their community,” said Ethan Handelman, HUD Deputy Assistant Secretary for Multifamily Housing Programs. “This is the latest step in the Department’s work to support our program participants in their efforts to make affordable housing available without barriers.”

For additional information, read the Title VI Marketing Guidance, the Implementation Sheet and the Press Release.