Affordable Connectivity Program

There is a new federal subsidy program that can help your residents pay for internet service.  The Affordable Connectivity Program, offered through many internet service providers, gives households $30 a month to cover the cost of internet service and a one-time subsidy of $100 for computer devices for eligible households.  

Public housing and Section 8 residents are eligible for ACP funding based on their receiving housing assistance, and the ACP subsidy is not considered income. To date, public housing residents are under-enrolled in the ACP program. Owners and Agents are encouraged make residents aware of this subsidy as it would increase their internet connectivity without added expense.

To assist with this, HUD has developed a Mini-Guide to the ACP to help staff conduct outreach and enrollment events. This guide covers:
•    An overview of the program
•    Tips and best practices from two PHAs that are actively enrolling residents in ACP
•    Links to additional materials, including informational flyers in a variety of languages.

We hope you will make use of this resource to help your residents connect to this invaluable benefit. For more information, view the ACP Fact Sheet and read the Press Release.

If you need assistance, please contact