Encourage Residents at HUD-Assisted Properties to File Their Taxes for the Child & Earned Income Tax Credits

As part of the American Rescue Plan to help families through the pandemic, parents and guardians are eligible for up to $3,000 or $3,600 per child depending on the child's age through the Child Tax Credit and many adults are eligible for additional money through the Earned Income Tax Credit.

The Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit are large tax refund payments that people can receive if they file a tax return. These tax credits are not income. Receiving these benefits will not impact eligibility for other federal benefits.

The best way to receive these benefits is to file a tax return before April 18, 2022. Here is a flyer with more information (English and Spanish) and some places to go get free help filing your taxes.

Here is how you can determine if you are eligible or find free resources to help you file for the credit.