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Option 3a  

Option 3A

Option 3A (LITE) is for projects that are not “exceptions” and which are looking for renewals without debt restructuring and have contract rents that exceed comparable market rents.  Option 3A will reduce Section 8 contract rents to market rents.

Refer to HUD's Section 8 Renewal Policy Handbook for more information and to determine project eligibility and complete submission requirements.

Submission Requirements:

  • Contract Renewal Request Form (HUD Form 9624)
  • Option 3A Renewal Worksheet
  • Utility Allowance Analysis, if applicable
  • A physical inspection report, if available
  • The most recent audited financial statements
  • Onwer's RCS prepared in compliance with Chapter 9 of the Section 8 Renewal Guide
  • Tenant 1 year Notification of Renewal Letter

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