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HUD Notice H 2019-05 Carbon Monoxide Detectors in HUD-Assisted Housing

Friday, April 19, 2019

HUD recently issued HUD Notice 2019-05, Carbon Monoxide Detectors in HUD-Assisted Housing.  Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a serious issue in housing across the nation and this notice is being issued as part of the Secretary’s efforts to support decent, safe, and sanitary housing in HUD’s low income housing assistance programs.

The purpose of this notice is to remind owners, managers, and agents of certain HUD-assisted housing to have operational Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors, where specified, as required by the state or local law, code, or other regulation.  Covered programs include Public Housing, Section 8 Project Based Rental Assistance, Housing Choice Voucher, Section 202, Section 811, and tribal programs administered by the Office of Native American Programs (ONAP).

The notice also strongly encourages owners, managers, and agents of housing covered by the HUD assistance programs mentioned above, located in areas where state or local law, code, or other regulations do not require CO detectors, to have operational CO detectors (1) in units that have fuel-fired/burning appliance(s) and/or an attached garage, and (2) in bedrooms that contain a fireplace or a fuel-fired or burning appliance.

You are encouraged to read the notice in its entirety which you can find here.

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