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Continued Government Shutdown – Potential Impacts to Funding

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

AHSC appreciates your patience while we navigate this unchartered territory together. If your property is experiencing any difficulties due to the partial government shutdown, please reach out to AHSC and we will do all we can to assist.


Please keep in mind there are tasks, especially funding related, that are solely HUD controlled. If your property is not receiving payment due to lack of funding or an expired contract and there is a Reserve for Replacement Account, HUD will facilitate processing of reserve requests. Requests will require HUD approval.

Properties in AHSC ’s portfolio would send completed HUD -9250 to  det.incoming@hud.gov with the subject line indicating property name and Emergency withdrawal from Reserves and copy Susie.Sapilewski@hud.gov

When submitting, the form must include the current balance in the account, a withdrawal amount, and the remaining balance. It should also include a statement confirming that the released funds will be reimbursed to the reserve for replacement account once HUD appropriations funding is restored.

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