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What is considered "normal wear and tear" and what is considered "damages"?


HUD defines normal wear and tear in Appendix 5C of the Special Claims Processing Guide. 

                           Normal wear and tear is:

a) Fading, peeling, or cracked paint

b) Slightly torn or faded wallpaper

c) Small chips in plaster nail holes, pin holes, or cracks in wall

d) Door sticking from humidity

e) Cracked window pane from faulty foundation or building settling

f) Floors needing coat of varnish

g) Carpet faded or worn thin from walking

h) Loose grouting and bathroom tiles

i) Worn or scratched enamel in old bathtubs, sinks, or toilets

j) Rusty shower rod

k) Partially clogged sinks caused by aging pipes

l) Dirty or faded lamp or window shades



                            Tenant damages are:

a) Drawings, crayon markings, or wallpaper that owner did not  approve

b) Gaping holes in walls or plaster

c) Seriously damaged or ruined wallpaper

d) Chipped or gouged wood floors

e) Doors ripped off hinges

f) Broken windows

g) Missing fixtures

h) Holes in ceiling from removed fixtures

i) Holes, stains, or burns in carpet

j) Missing or cracked bathroom tiles

k) Chipped and broken enamel in bathtubs and sinks

l) Clogged or damaged toilet from improper use

m) Missing or bent shower rods

n) Torn, stained, or missing lamp and window shades

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