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How do I gain access to EIV?


Step 1: Determine EIV Role
When applying for initial EIV access rights, applicants must first decide what their role will be in EIV; whether they will be an EIV Coordinator (HSC) or an EIV User (HSU), as the application process is different depending on their role. An EIV Coordinator has the same functionality in EIV as an EIV User but also has the administrative functions of assigning access rights to EIV Users and recertifying their EIV Users on a biannual basis.

Step 2: Application Process for Coordinators
When applying for EIV access rights as an EIV Coordinator (HSC), an applicant must:

  • Be a WASS Coordinator and have an active WASS ID (M-ID) that was assigned to them by HUD, based on owner authorization;

  • Have a written owner authorization (letter of approval) to access EIV on the owner’s behalf for their property(ies);

  • Complete and submit a hardcopy Coordinator Access Authorization Form (CAAF) to HUD’s Multifamily Helpdesk by fax at 202-401-7984 or by email at MF_eiv@hud.gov. You need only fax pages 1, 2, and 5 of the CAAF. Do not fax the owner letters of approval with your request. Note, only one CAAF needs to be submitted per Coordinator. A separate CAAF should not be submitted for each property.

      • Complete property assignments in EIV after receiving an approval email from the Helpdesk; and
      • Complete the EIV on-line certification process by January 15, 2010.

Step 3: Application Process for EIV Users
Users must have an active WASS ID (M-ID) in order to apply for access authorization rights to EIV. To apply for EIV access, Users will need to complete the User Access Authorization Form (UAAF) in hardcopy and submit it to their assigned EIV Coordinator for approval. The EIV Coordinator can approve and certify the EIV User and make the appropriate property assignments. UAAFs are not to be faxed to the Multifamily Helpdesk.

Detailed instructions for the application process which include how to apply for a WASS ID, upgrade to a WASS Coordinator role (necessary if applying as a Coordinator) and application forms for EIV Coordinators and EIV Users are located at:












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